UK Based Company Offering Solar Panel Grants To Homeowners In the UK

Find Out If You Qualify For New Solar Panels In Less Than 30 Seconds

Solar Panel Funding LTD has launched a grant scheme to help qualifying homeowners to have solar panels and battery storage installed, free of charge.

Solar Panel Funding LTD is funding the grant entirely from its own profits and currently doesn’t receive any support from Government organisations.
This scheme is a breath of fresh air for homeowners, as the Government only provides help for households living on benefits and will not take on working or retired families.

The scheme has currently completed 3 installations without any charge to the occupants and we have big ambitions to complete many more over the coming months.

Here is a video from a customer installed through Solar Panel Funding.

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Solar Panel Funding Generates income from providing solar panel installers with appointments for customers that either want to use funding options or buy their solar panels outright at a discounted rate. We then use a proportion of this income to provide grants for qualifying families. Every appointment generated goes towards providing the grant, even if the company does not make a sale from that appointment.

The company makes it very easy for homeowners to find out if they would qualify for any incentives, just by filling a short form on Our website you could easily find out if you are eligible for any incentives.

To apply for Solar Panel Funding all you need to do is visit gridtrade.solarpanelfunding.co.uk and complete the Easy Funding Checker.

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