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    Save up to 70% On Electricity!

    Earn & Save Up To £38,000 From Your Roof!

    Get Free Electricity For a Minimum Of 20 Years

    Add Value to Your Property!

    Reduce Your Reliance On The National Grid

    Install The latest Solar Panel & Battery Technology

    No Leasing Of Your Roof Space!

    Generate Your Own Solar Power With Solar Photovoltaic Panels!

    Cutting Edge AI Technology

    Using AI Based Grid Trading Platforms, New Income Streams Have Been Unlocked Amounting To A Better Income Than The Previous Government Tariffs

    Earn & Save In Excess Of £20,000 With The Use Of Battery Storage & Grid Trade

    Potential earnings/savings depend on a number of variables such as property location, winter mode, costs and a customer’s local profile. The costs of installing solar panels may vary depending on the size of the system installed and how complicated the install is to carry out.

    Apply Today & Generate Your Own Free Electricity

    With better than free solar panels you can generate your own free electricity. It only takes a few minutes to see if you qualify, get started today.

    Option 1: Fully Funded Solar Panels

    Solar Panel Funding is standing up to help in the fight against fuel poverty in the UK; we are pledging to provide qualifying homeowners with solar panels installed entirely free of charge.

    A Government report in 2015 indicated that as many as 4.5 million households were in fuel poverty, this equates to around 17% of UK households.

    Fully funded solar panels will be installed on qualifying households, subject to qualifying criteria being met and the levels of funding currently held for free solar panels.

    Income for the scheme is generated by the sale of qualified solar appointments to our network of trusted installers.

    Any income or savings generated by the system will be paid to the householder and not Solar Panel Funding (This is not rent a roof or power purchase agreement)

    This scheme is provided solely by Solar Panel Funding and is not available through any other supplier or vendor.

    Option 2: Solar Panel Funding Options

    For those applicants that do not qualify for the solar panel grants but still want to go green without the sometimes substantial upfront costs, Solar Panel Funding has assembled several funding options available through our trusted installer network.

    Through the use of solar panel funding options, it is possible to spread the cost of installation and use income generated by grid trade incentives provided by smart energy tariffs to help fund the system over a time that is more manageable.

    These funding options are not provided directly by Solar Panel Funding Ltd; once we have assessed your eligibility, you may be offered the opportunity to be transferred to one of our grid trade registered installers.

    Solar Panel Funding Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. However, the funding for this option will be provided via the installation partner we refer you to.

    Solar Panel Funding Ltd does not make credit decisions and is not a lender. Solar Panel Funding introduces applicants to Solar Panel Installers, that based on the details you have provided, match loan applications with lenders on their panel who will aim to match you to one of their lenders. This website does not endorse a particular service or product. Information on our website should not be taken as financial advice.

    This website is free to use, however we may receive a fee from the installation company, for the introduction. This referral fee does not add any additional cost to the applicant, and part of the fee we receive will be used to install free solar panels for grant qualifying customers.

    Option 3: Solar Panel Purchase

    If you are looking to purchase solar panels outright, Solar Panel Funding has a selection of local and national installers that cover most of the UK.

    We deal with the UK’s top installation companies and regularly assess them on their customer satisfaction to provide the very best installers available.

    What are the benefits of using Solar Panel Funding to Book My Quote?
    You will also be helping us to fight fuel poverty, as a portion of the referral fee we receive will be used to install free solar panels on a household that is struggling with fuel poverty.

    We charge no extra fee for using our service.

    We believe that the installers we work with provide the best service and most competitively priced products available in the UK Solar Market.

    Just by booking your quotation with Solar Panel Funding you will be helping in the fight against fuel poverty, even if you do not proceed with an order, we still receive the referral fee for installing free solar panels.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if I can get solar panels on my house?

    We won’t know for certain if you can get solar panels on your house, which is why when you apply, we go through everything with you, including a remote survey.

    What's the cost of solar panels in the uk

    There’s so many different configurations of solar panels in the UK, that it’s almost impossible to guess the price of a system, without finding our exactly what would work for your home.

    Can I get the solar panels feed in tariff (FIT)

    The Feed-in-Tariff ended on the 31st of March 2019, this has now been replaced with newer, smarter grid-trading solutions that allow you to sell your surplus energy across the grid

    Why Solar Panel Funding?

    With cutting carbon emissions being so high on the agenda there are many Incentives available to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their properties. The Solar Panel Funding Checker will quickly find the right incentives for you and arrange the relevant surveys required to obtain funding. This is a hassle-free process and in the end, if you do not feel that funding suits you there is no obligation to have any work carried out.